This page houses the most up-to-date version of our MBTP Company Handbook in its current state. 

This is a "living document" in the sense that when an update is made to an individual policy, this page is automatically updated with it. If you are unsure of the company policy on any given subject, you can come to this page to either refresh your memory, or see the updates. Whenever a policy is updated, there will be a revision date on the document.

Click on the topic you wish to read about in the table of contents below to be taken directly to that section. If you need to see a bigger window of the policy, click on the top right corner of the document to open it in it own page. 

Anti-Discrimination / Anti-Harassment Policy

Respectful Workplace Policy

Vehicle Policy

MBTP EQUIP P0005.02 Company Vehicle Policy

Smoking / Vaping Policy

MBTP SMOKE P0007.02 Smoking / Vaping Policy

On-Call Policy (Technicians)

MBTP ATND P0013.001: MBTP Technician On-Call Policy

Flood Referral  Policy

Flood Referral Policy 2021

Credit Card Policy

MBTP PROP P0041.001: Company Credit Card Agreement

Fuel Card Policy

MBTP PROP P0040.001: Company Fuel Card Policy

Club Membership Sales Policy (Technicians)

Club Membership Sales Policy

Referral Policy (Technicians)

MBTP HIRE P0028.002: Technician Referral Policy

Job Duties Disclosure: Technicians

Technician Duties Disclosure

Payroll Processing Disclosure: HVAC (Technician)

Payroll Processing Disclosure: HVAC

Payroll Processing Disclosure: Plumbing (Technician)

Payroll Processing Disclosure: Plumbing

Paid Time Off Policy (Plumbing Techinicians)

Paid Time off Policy (Techs)

Dress Code & Grooming Policy (Office)

MBTP HIRE P0051.002: Office Employee (non-management) Dress Code & Grooming Policy

Timekeeping Policy (Office)

MBTP ATND P0012.001: MBTP Office Timekeeping Policy

Paid Time Off Policy and Accrual Rates (Office)

Paid Time off Policy

Work from Home Policy (Office)

MBTP ATND P0045.001: MBTP Work from Home Policy

Credit Card Handling Policy (Office)

MBTP PROP P0038.001: Credit Card Handling Policy

General Office Staff Policy (Office)

General Office Staff Policies 2023

Job Duties Disclosure: CSR / DSR

CSR / Dispatch Duties Disclosure


MBTP HIRE P0050.002: CSR/DSR On-call Policy

On-Call Equipment Policy: CSR/DSR (Applies to all Company devices being taken home)

MBTP PROP P0039.001_ On-Call Equipment Policy